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Centre to Walach's work are her portraits. These are mostly created from memory, expressing themes such as loneliness, vulnerability and conflict. Anna's work captures highly personal content; all the artwork demonstrates her own emotional experiences or reflects the mental states of her close friends or even of strangers, through drawing and painting their gestures and glances.


Most of the time the subject matter is very sentimental, nostalgic with a dose of bitterness and yet depicted in a way that is honest and self-aware. She states: "I'm not offended when someone assumes I must be a very sad or depressed person. Melancholy is a very normal emotion. I try to face that sadness and be very comfortable with it. It's part of our existence."


Apart from mental states, Anna is fascinated and intrigued by neglected buildings and places; spaces that are usually considered ugly and unwanted.


She is currently working on two large scale paintings and in these and In her future artwork Anna aims to evoke themes of sexuality, motherhood and loss.


anna walach

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